Maple Valley horse shelter seeks help to stay afloat

MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. -- Patricia Clark has spent the last seven years of her retirement caring for abused and neglected horses at Serenity Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation in Maple Valley. She says their basic budget for the month is around $4,000.

Currently, the non-profit has 22 horses to feed, 24 barn stalls to clean and only a handful of volunteers. The last time we checked in with Serenity was nearly two years ago, when it needed help to feed the horses. Now, Clark says every day is a counting game, because now, everyday is numbered. The main barn at the facility is not up to code.

"It has to have a foundation. It has to be anchored to the ground," Clark said. "So, we need to raise the ground up and get a foundation underneath it."

Volunteer Brenda Lane adds, "The county has worked with us and now there's kind of a line in the sand and we have got to do this now."

Clark says the deadline for permits is Feb. 11 and the cost is $7,000. If Serenity can get the permit money together, Clark says that's just the beginning.

"We believe it will end up being around $40,000, which is a lot," he said.

While the horses count on Clark and Lane and the other volunteers, they're counting on help from the community.

"We don't want to close our doors. And we're at that point. It's critical," said Lane.

If you'd like to make a donation to help Serenity, you can donate via our Problem Solvers fund.