Man's make-out session with strangers ends in robbery

SEATTLE -- There's a reason the honeypot has been such an enduring espionage tool: it's just plain effective. Just ask the Queen Anne resident who was beaten and robbed last Saturday by two women he believed simply wanted to make out with him.Officers arrived at the victim's apartment in the 800 block of Fifth Avenue North around 3:15 a.m. in response to the robbery.According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, the victim told officers he had been drinking at a bar down the block when he met two women -- one dressed in a tight black skirt and the other in tight black pants. He said they went back to his apartment after last call to continue drinking and partying.While at this apartment, the victim said he started making out with one of the women -- he doesn't remember which one -- when the other woman hit him over the head, knocking him to the floor. He said the women went through his pockets and stole his phone, wallet and keys before running out of the apartment.The victim said he followed the women outside and stood behind their tan SUV to prevent it from leaving, and they reversed into his legs, hitting him with the SUV's bumper, before driving off.According to the report, officers asked why the victim's shirt was inside out, and he said it happened while he was making out with the woman. Officers also asked the victim what else he was doing with the women, what kind of arrangement he had with them, and if they were prostitutes he had hired. The victim reportedly told officers he was just kissing one of the women, he had no arrangement with them and they definitely weren't prostitutes.The victim was unable to give much of a description of the women, saying they hadn't discussed names, professions or any other identifying details while talking in the bar. He said he only knew the women lived in the Central District and one of them may have been 5-feet-9-inches tall.According to the report, the victim didn't think the women attacking and robbing him was a big deal until they hit him with their car.