Man suspected in fatal hit-and-run pleads not guilty

SHELTON, Wash. -- The man suspected in a deadly hit and run faced a judge and the victim's family in court Tuesday.

Dozens of friends and family members from both sides of the case watched as Brandon McMahon pleaded not guilty in the death of Marvin Jansen.

"I just started shaking in there," said David Thompson, one of Jansen's sons. "I took one glance at him and couldn't really look at him much more than that."

McMahon's family and friends spoke volumes with the emotion on their faces, having to sit side-by-side in a small courtroom with those who knew the victim.

"(Brandon) doesn't seem remorseful at all," said Derek Thompson, another of Jansen's sons. "He's not even admitting to his crime. So hopefully justice is brought down on him."

Derek Thompson is seeking justice for his father who was found on the side of a busy highway in Belfair 10 days ago. Detectives believe Jansen was hit by a car while walking home, and whoever did it, left him for dead.

Acting on a tip, investigators say they tracked down McMahon and found damage on his pickup truck.

A witness tells police, McMahon and his friends seemed frantic the night of the accident, and said "they could not believe they got away with it."

McMahon didn't say anything after the proceeding, but footsteps behind him were the victim's loved ones. In a strange twist, they know the suspect.

"It's weird, you know," said Jansen's son Mitch Jansen. "You don't ever really think that somebody you know is going to kill your dad or one of your friends or something like that, but I guess anything can happen, like they say."

McMahon's driving record shows seven violations since late 2009 -- mostly for speeding.

His next court date is set for late June.