Man shocked by risque anime found at Seattle library

SEATTLE -- Travis De Nevers is shocked by his niece's find of what he describes as "extremely graphic and explicit material" at the local library.

The book is anime, a Japanese cartoon-themed genre popular with young readers. De Nevers said his niece reads romantic anime non-stop, but one particular book she recently found shocked him.

"This just blew my mind that this was in the library," he said. "It seems like a pornography novel."

Hero Heel 2 comes with a warning on the cover: "parental advisory - explicit content," and the back cover bears a rating: "M for mature audience - 18+."

"There's these two going at it, basically. So to me, it seems like a pornography novel, because the majority of it is them having sex," said De Nevers. "It's harder to get this kind of book at your local 7-Eleven than in your own government-funded library."

Library system director Bill Ptacek said the system manages more than four million items, and there is nothing deemed illegal.

"I guarantee you that there's probably something in our collection that's going to offend everybody," he said. "We really are sorry for the family that this happened to and caused concern. On the other hand, it's a great opportunity to remind parents in our library or any in across the country for parents to manage what their kids are accessing."

De Nevers said that is way he brought up the issue in the first place.

"I would just like parents to know that there are sexually-explicit material at the library for your child to check out," he said.

De Nevers said he doesn't see why the library can't first make sure the user is of age before allowing him or her to check out such books.

But Ptacek said it was the publisher who labeled the book, and the library system does not censor. He added libraries and art institutes fall under different legal guidelines.