Man sets up 'sting operation' to retrieve stolen bike

SEATTLE -- A Portland man wasn't about to give up on finding his stolen bike, so he drove all the way to Seattle to confront the man suspected of stealing it.

After his prized Fuji team bike was stolen in Portland earlier this month, Jake Gillum spent dozens of hours online trying to track it down. His hard work paid off when he found the bike for sale on a Seattle Craigslist posting.

"I was home alone and I started yelling," he said. "I scared the dog."

With help from a couple of friends and with a video camera in his hand, Gillum drove to Seattle to confront the alleged thief. Posing as a buyer, Gillum arranged a meeting with the man, who police now identify as Craig Ackerman.

"I thought I was going to throw up I was so scared," Gillum said of the meeting.

When Gillum confronted Ackerman about the theft, Ackerman took off running. As his friends called the police, Gillum chased and eventually caught Ackerman. Police were there moments later to arrest Ackerman, who's now facing a felony charge of trafficking stolen property.

"I think it's a lesson for thieves is that they need to be afraid of people like me, because they don't know who they're stealing from," Gillum said. "And a lesson for victims that they don't need to lay over and take this"

A video of the sting operation is available {A href=""}online.