Man says he was intentionally rammed by fellow cyclist

SEATTLE -- A Seattle man says he was intentionally rammed by a fellow cyclist who had been harassing him and his girlfriend early Sunday near Fremont.

According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, the victim and his girlfriend were riding on Dexter Avenue North toward the Fremont Bridge around 2 a.m. when another rider came up next to them and started a conversation.

The victim later told officers the man rode ahead but circled back and started talking to him and his girlfriend again.

The victim told the man to leave them alone and moved into the street to let the man pass in the bike lane. Instead, the man came up behind him on the right and rammed into him, sending both of them to the ground near the intersection at Westlake Avenue North, according to the report.

According to the report, the other rider told the victim it was an accident. But, the victim said the man would have had to steer his bike all the way out of the bike lane and into the street to accidentally hit him. And, the victim's girlfriend, who had been riding behind at the time, said the man appeared to intentionally ram her boyfriend.

The victim and his girlfriend rode into Fremont and away from the man, whose bicycle appeared to have been disabled in the crash.

They told officers they wanted to report the man because they were concerned he might cause trouble for other people in the area.

No description of the other rider was provided.

It was a bad night for bicyclists at the intersection just south of the Fremont Bridge. A few hours before the cyclist-on-cyclist assault, a woman visiting Seattle was injured in a hit and run when a car struck her from behind and drove off.