Man reportedly found sleeping inside stolen mail truck

LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- A 45-year-old homeless man was arrested Aug. 15 after he was found sleeping inside a stolen U.S. Postal Service vehicle while wearing a Postal Service jacket and in possession of Postal Service pepper spray, according to charges filed Monday in Pierce County Superior Court.

According to the charging documents, an employee of the Lakewood Post Office in the 5400 block of 100th Street Southwest got to work Aug. 15 to find someone had stolen one of the business' vehicles overnight.

Another employee mentioned seeing the missing vehicle parked at a Safeway half a mile away. When the employee went to check it out, he found William Walker sleeping inside the vehicle while wearing a Postal Service jacket, according to the charging documents.

The employee went to get assistance. When he got back, Walker was riding a bicycle through the parking lot and pulling a cart. Officers arrived and stopped him.

According to the charging documents, Walker told officers he was sleeping in the rain near the Safeway entrance when a man he knows only as "Chris" told him he could sleep inside the Postal Service vehicle.

Officers searched Walker's cart and reportedly found two headlamps and two cans of pepper spray that belong to the Postal Service. They also found a crowbar, three flashlights, vice grips and several cellphones still in their boxes.

Police are investigating whether the cellphones were taken in a recent burglary at a nearby store.

Walker has been charged with unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle and making or possessing burglary tools.

He was previously charged with unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle in connection with another incident back in December.