Man impersonating officer suspected in Belltown robbery

SEATTLE -- A man says he was attacked and robbed early Sunday in Belltown by someone impersonating a Seattle police officer.

According to the Seattle Police Department, the victim was parked in a rental car in the 400 block of Blanchard Street shortly after 2 a.m. when a man approached the car and shined a flashlight through the windshield.

The man with the flashlight said, "Seattle Police. Give me your driver's license and registration," while mimicking talking into a radio, according to police.

When the victim rolled down his window, the man reportedly demanded money.

According to police, the victim got out of the car, and the suspect punched him twice in the face and took the victim's cellphone when he tried to call 911.

The man demanded the victim pay him to return the cellphone, but the victim refused and ran off to call 911, according to police.

Officers responded but were unable to find the police impersonator.

The victim suffered a bloody lip and swollen chin.