Man dies 8 days after a wedding 60 years in the making

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Eugene Woodworth and Eric Marcoux met at a restaurant in Chicago in 1953.

"He was the most irritating person I've ever met," said Marcoux, who says the two men have been a couple ever since the very first date.

They lived in a house in the Portland West Hills for decades.

The men grew older and frailer, wanting to marry but not able to in a state that outlaws gay marriage.

"We'd been waiting for the law to change in Oregon. But we realized it's not going to change immediately," Marcoux said.

He and Woodworth realized they couldn't speed up the legislative process or slow down the aging process. In early December, they drove across the river to marry in Washington.

The ceremony was on a Thursday.

"We were married on a Thursday. On Friday, we saw [Eugene's] cardiologist. He said, 'I'm sorry you're not going to last as long as I thought. It's going faster.' And he died a week and one day afterwards."

Eugene passed away on Dec. 21.

He was 85.

"We were married for 60 years," said Marcoux. A few seconds later, he added, "In the eyes of the law, we were married a little over a week.

"I had hoped for longer. But we had been preparing for this for 60 years. I mean that seriously. Every single night, we'd kiss goodnight and say, 'I love you.' We'd discussed it many times. This means if I'm dead in my bed in the morning, I will have died saying I love you."