Man claims neighbor with gun threatened him for speeding

SEATTLE -- A man claims his armed neighbor threatened him for speeding through a Ballard neighborhood last Tuesday afternoon, according to the Seattle Police Department. For his part, the neighbor just thinks officers are lying to him.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim was a block away from his home in the 5800 block of Sixth Avenue Northwest when his defective brakes caused his car to slide.

When the victim parked and got out of his car, a neighbor yelled at him, saying, "Tell whoever is driving that car to slow the [expletive] down or he'll be in trouble," according to the report.

The victim responded, "[Expletive] you. I was driving it."

According to the report, the man pulled back his jacket to show a holstered handgun and told the victim if he speeds through the neighborhood again, he would be in trouble.

The victim got back in his car and followed the man to a nearby house. When the man noticed the victim following him, he threw something, hitting the victim's car, according to the report.

At that point, the victim went home and called 911.

When officers found the man at his house, he grudgingly let them frisk him for weapons, which they didn't find.

According to the report, when officers asked for the man's version of events, he got angry and said either the victim was lying to officers or officers were lying to him. He then insisted officers arrest the victim for false reporting.

Once officers were able to calm the man down, he still refused to give his version of events without being asked direct questions. According to the report, he admitted to yelling at the victim but denied having a gun, saying he hasn't touched one in years.

The man also denied throwing anything at the victim's car or even seeing him a second time, saying, "So, he was so scared of my gun that he came back a second time?" according to the report.

The man reportedly got angry again when officers asked for his phone number, saying, "You are lying to me about this just so I would open my mouth and give you information."

After calming down, the man ended his interaction with officers by thanking them for lying to him.