Man claims he was beaten up for being a Seahawks fan

SEATTLE -- A highly intoxicated man claims he was beaten up -- suffering a compound fracture to his arm in the process -- for being a Seahawks fan early Saturday in West Seattle.

Officers responded to reports of a fight in the 4300 block of Southwest Alaska Street shortly before 2 a.m. and found large blood splatters in the street and a man in a white Seahawks jersey laying on the sidewalk.

According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, despite the victim's assertions he had been stabbed, he had no stab wounds on him. Instead, he had a broken bone noticeably sticking out of his arm.

The victim, who was very drunk, repeatedly told officers he was fine and just wanted to go home because he had work in the morning. Officers explained he was not fine, what with the bone sticking out of his arm and all.

While the victim, who was extremely drunk, was either unwilling or unable to give any details about the attack -- saying only he was jumped for being a Seahawks fan -- a number of witnesses said he was involved in a large fight outside a nearby bar.

According to the report, two people, including the victim's roommate, said the fight may have started when someone inside the bar took the victim's Seahawks hat.

The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment.