Man charged with raping 13-year-old granddaughter

TACOMA, Wash. -- A Tacoma man charged with raping his 13-year-old granddaughter claims she has a history of embellishing stories and was just trying to get out of doing yard work.

According to charges filed in Pierce County Superior Court, 57-year-old Robert Staunton and the victim were doing yard work June 21 while Staunton's wife and their other grandchildren were at the park.

When Staunton's wife returned home, she found Staunton standing shirtless in the living room and holding a vibrator, according to the charging documents. Their granddaughter was reportedly sitting on the couch wearing only a bra and with a blanket wrapped around her.

Staunton's wife confronted him, and he said the victim wanted to "experiment" and he was teaching her how to use a vibrator, according to the charging documents.

After Staunton's wife took the victim and other grandchildren out of the house, Staunton reportedly called her and said he was going to kill himself because he didn't want to go to jail.

The victim told Tacoma Police Department officers she and Staunton were doing yard work when he took her inside, removed her clothes and performed oral sex on her. She said she heard her grandmother return home and covered herself with a blanket.

Officers convinced Staunton to come out of the house after an hour of negotiations. A loaded shotgun was found in the backyard.

According to the charging documents, Staunton claimed the victim followed him inside when he went in to cool off. He said the victim asked if she could "experiment," and he told her she could do it on the couch.

Staunton told officers he went into the kitchen while the victim undressed, and that's when his wife returned home with the other grandchildren, according to the charging documents. He denied sexually assaulting the victim.

Staunton told officers the victim has a history of embellishing stories and probably wanted to "experiment" to get out of doing yard work.

He has been charged with rape of a child and child molestation.