Man charged with driving high, half naked with daughters pleads not guilty

SEATTLE -- The man charged with driving 100 mph down I-5, swerving and hitting cars with his two young children in the backseat, while pants-less and high on meth pleaded not guilty Monday.

Jonathan Harty, 31, of Lake Stevens is facing charges of vehicular assault, felony hit and run, reckless endangerment and more for the incident that occurred April 20 between Boeing Field and Southcenter.

In court July 1, Harty asked to be let out of jail under a work-release program in order to seek treatment and get back work. He told the judge he needs to work to pay child support, and his lawyer pointed out he has recently taken steps to improve his life, such as graduating from ITT Tech.

The judge refused Harty's request, saying he believed there is a good chance Harty would get behind the wheel intoxicated based on his lengthy history of doing so.

According to charging documents from the King County Prosecutor's Office, Harty crashed his Chrysler Sebring after hitting three occupied cars on I-5.

When civilians and officers arrived on the scene, they found Harty, sweating heavily and obviously high, wearing a blouse, prosthetic breasts and no pants, according to the charging documents. There was reportedly a nearly full bottle of urine and a pair of panties on the floor by his feet.

Harty's daughters, ages 6 and 4, were rescued unharmed from the backseat by a civilian on the scene, according to the documents. Harty had reportedly told them he was taking them to the Dollar Store to get toys.