Man attacked with bong for not accepting pot as payment

SEATTLE -- A man refused to accept a baggie of marijuana from a friend as payment for a $20 debt -- a decision that seems to have perplexed the responding officer -- and was bashed in the face with a bong Saturday evening in Crown Hill, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim was at his friend's girlfriend's house in the 9700 block of Holman Road Northwest around 5:40 p.m. watching football when he got into an argument with his friend over a $20 debt.

As payment, the friend reportedly gave the victim a $20 baggie of pot.

"For some reason, the argument did not stop," Officer Galarita writes in the police report.

According to the report, the victim's friend told him to leave, and the victim started packing up his stuff. When the victim grabbed the baggie of pot, the friend told him to leave it.

The victim told his friend he was owed the pot but nevertheless was in the process of putting it down when his friend hit him in the face with a glass bong, according to the report. The bong cut the victim over his eye, on his forehead and on his nose; all three cuts would require stitches to close.

The victim, freaking out over how badly his face was bleeding, pushed his friend down, causing his friend to call to his girlfriend to "get the knife," according to the report.

The friend apparently had a change of heart when he finally saw the victim's face, saying, "I'm sorry, man. Can't we put this behind us." To which the victim responded they could not and to look at his "(expletive) face."

According to the report, the victim exited the house but thought he left his phone behind and went back to the door, asking if they could at least throw it out to him.

When the victim's friend came to the door, the victim decided to just leave without his phone. He later found it in his pocket after sitting in his car and calming down for a bit.

Having found the phone, the victim called his mother and went to the hospital for stitches.