Man arrested in alleged hate crime on Capitol Hill

SEATTLE -- A one-time mixed martial arts fighter is accused of yelling gay slurs at two men holding hands on Seattle's Capitol Hill before hurling a beer bottle at them.

One of the suspect's friends also used a baseball bat to beat the two victims, police said. They were not seriously injured.

Ivan Prokhorin, 22, of Auburn, is facing charges of malicious harrassment but remains free on bail.

Police say Prokhorin, who has no criminal history, was standing with two friends in the 1500 block of Harvard Avenue around 11:00 pm on August 10th. Two men walked by holding hands, according to investigators, and Prokhorin yelled a curse word and a gay slur in their direction.

The men kept walking, police said, but Prokhorin followed them with an empty beer bottle.

When the two men reached their car, one of them asked, "is there a problem?" Prokhorin responded with the same gay slur and then hurled the bottle at the men, but missed.

"I know what happened in Seattle," Prokhorin's brother, Daniel, said Tuesday, "but I think he was probably - maybe - drunk or something. He doesn't really do that stuff."

Prokhorin works laying tiles and once participated in amateur mixed martial arts fights, his brother said. He described him as "a Christian."

After the beer bottle broke, one of the two victims reached into his truck to grab a baseball bat. The suspect's friend was able to wrestle it away and used it to beat the victims before fleeing, police said.

Officers later found Prokhorin after someone spotted his car near 9th and Alder, investigators said.

Prokhorin remains free on bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned on August 27th.