Man arrested for lighting truck on fire in North Seattle

SEATTLE - A man in North Seattle is in custody Sunday morning for setting a pickup truck on fire Saturday night.

Seattle police say a group of three men and one woman were hanging out near the 2002 Chevrolet pickup truck in the 11300 block of Corliss Avenue North, when two of the men got into an argument over the woman.

One man pulled out a gun, doused the truck in an accelerant, and lit the truck on fire. The man and woman then fled on foot.

The 28-year-old owner of the truck tried unsuccessfully to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.

The fire destroyed the truck, and damaged electrical wires hanging nearby. It is unclear whether residents lost power over the charred wires.

Police located and arrested the suspect during a traffic stop a few blocks away, and are still searching for the third man who witnessed the arson.