Man accused of renting out foreclosed homes gets 2 years

SEATTLE -- The man accused of stealing from banks, homeowners and a loan processing center by illegally taking over foreclosed homes is heading to prison.

Peter Dance was sentenced Friday to two years in prison for renting out homes that didn't belong to him, but his victims still haven't been paid back.

"The defendant rented out houses to tenants, took their money, but he didn't own those houses," said prosecutor Jennifer Atchison.

Atchison said dance filed false paperwork to muddy up the titles.

"This is a crime that went on for a period of years and it happened over and over and over again," she said.

The Problem Solvers first encountered Dance in 2010 when several of his victims came forward to expose the crimes. Dance agreed to plead guilty to 10 crimes in exchange for a two-year prison term.

The reality of the situation hit Dance hard in court on Friday, but victim T'Chani Hill said that isn't enough.

"Awe and amazement at the viciousness and continual determination to steal anything and everything," Hill said.

She spoke at the sentencing about how Dance took her for $20,000.

"It saddens me to encounter someone with little remorse or thought for the people that he stole from," she said.

Despite his guilty plea, Dance's wife Gloria defended him to the bitter end.

"The only thing I can say that my husband is guilty of is trying to help people," she said.

Dance did apologize, but remained defiant about why he did what he did.

"It was not a scheme," he said. "It was not something I dreamed up of going and taking houses and things like that."

With chains around his wrists, Dance's remorse can only come from inside a prison cell. He has agreed to pay tens of thousands of dollars in restitution, but missed the deadline by a week and a half. The judge gave him no lenience on that at Friday's hearing.