Mail mix-up affecting downtown Seattle businesses


SEATTLE -- A problem with deliveries to the KOMO mail room led to the discovery of a widespread issue with a downtown zip code. Key correspondence is ending up in the wrong hands, and that’s affecting a lot of businesses' bottom lines.

Although they deal in books, getting the mail properly delivered is critical to the Queen Anne Book Company.

“It's vitally important because the mail carries invoices and receipts and checks,” said Janis Segress, the store’s co-owner.

However, for the past few months important correspondence hasn't made it to book store’s mailbox, or it is drastically delayed.

“It negatively affects us as a small business,” Segress said.

KOMO News first noticed the problem in our the TV station’s own mail room, so staff turned to executive assistant Stephanie Rogerson for help.

“People started saying, ‘Stephanie, where's the mail? We're not getting our mail,’" she said.

Rogerson checked with the U.S. Postal Service and found out the problem is our zip code. Tremendous growth has occurred in the 98109 zip code, which includes South Lake Union and much of Queen Anne.

According to Rogerson, the USPS official explained that letter carriers don't want the route because of the extra work involved.

This week another TV station brought over mail that got sent to them, despite being addressed to KOMO.

“In it was a stack of checks that security brought up to me right away,” Rogerson said, adding that the checks totaled more than $200,000.

A postal service spokesperson says the situation is under investigation, but that doesn’t assure the book company.

“There's not a lot of action that follows up the complaints," Segress said.

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