Machias residents say stray bullet from gun range hit their home

MACHIAS, Wash. -- Concern is growing in one Snohomish County neighborhood after a family came forward to say a stray bullet from a nearby gun club whizzed through their home.

In a neighborhood full of kids and parents, the idea of bullets flying through homes and potentially hitting someone is terrifying.

"This is a threat to a lot of homeowners and a lot of families," said neighbor Sarah Doty.

Doty couldn't believe the flyer that recently showed up on her door and at every house on her street. The couple that lives at the top of the hill printed photos of what they claim are bullet holes from a single stray shot.

In the flyer, the couple says the bullet traveled through the walls of their kitchen and bedroom.

The photos got other neighbors wondering if the same thing could happen to them.

"Just thinking about the fact that this could be any of our homes. Any of our kids, any of our pets, loved ones. It's a scary thing," Doty said.

Officials from the nearby rifle range say people shoot on their own land outside of the gun range and it's possible that's where the stray bullet came from.

They also point out that the gun range has been there for nearly 50 years, while the homes were built less than 5-years ago.

Doty said she doesn't want the rifle range to shut down, but she wonders if the operators can make changes to the layout to prevent stray bullets.

"So we can all share the neighborhood and make it safe for them and our families," she said.