Lynnwood residents working to overturn fireworks ban

LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- Friday may have been the last time legal fireworks were allowed to be set off inside Lynnwood city limits.

In 2015, the city is scheduled to join a growing number of cities in the Puget Sound region that ban fireworks.

Jordan Ewell and her grandfather left a stand along 196th Street Southwest on Friday night with a bag full of fireworks. They were anxious to put on a spectacular show.

"I got these little turtle things," Ewell said. "It shoots out. And it moves. It rolls."

There's a good chance Ewell and her family will travel outside Lynnwood city limits next year to celebrate the holiday. Starting in 2015, fireworks will be banned citywide, officials said.

"Don't like it," said Don Nguyen.

Nguyen is one of hundreds of people who signed a petition Friday that's being circulated in hopes of reversing the city council's decision. The council approved the ban by a vote of 4-3. Officials said the reason for the ban boiled down to public safety concerns about fireworks-related injuries and the potential for fires.

"The main thing, it's all for the kids, you know? And if they ban it, it's kind of sad because once a year you get a chance to do it," Nguyen said.

About 2,700 signatures are needed to possibly force a public vote on the issue as early as this fall, said former city councilman Ted Hikel. He's leading the petition effort.

"I think any city government should reflect the will of the people," Hikel said. "In this case, I don't think the council has done that. I think they made a big mistake."

Brooke Brown and her family agree. They put on an even bigger fireworks show at their home this year knowing they may not be legal next year.

Legal fireworks were only allowed to be set off in Lynnwood city limits this year on July 4th from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.