Loud music, a gun, a SWAT team - and the child sleeps on

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Turns out, your parents were right - loud music can lead to bad things.

Police said a fight over loud music got ugly on Monday night at about 11 p.m. when 33-year-old Jerry Booker pointed a gun at his neighbor.

When police responded to the call on Rossiter Lane, they found Booker inside his townhouse and spent two hours using a public-address system to try to get him to come out.

He stayed inside, but a woman and two young children came out. The woman said Booker was still inside.

So was another young child, who had managed to sleep through the whole ruckus.

The Clark County SWAT team was sent to the scene, and Booker surrendered at about 2 a.m.

Somehow, the child was still asleep.

Police said they found a handgun during their search of the home. They charged Booker with second-degree assault and said the charge might be changed or added to pending the investigation.