Lone shooting survivor remains hospitalized

SEATTLE -- The only shooting victim still alive after Wednesday's {A href=""}rampage is in intensive care at Harborview Medical Center, but doctors expect he will survive.

Leonard Meuse is a chef at Caf Racer and was doing what he loved, cooking and baking in the back of the cafe, when Ian L. Stawicki walked in and began shooting customers.

It may have been because he was in the kitchen and not out front, as he sometimes is, that Meuse survived one of the city's worst mass shootings in recent history.

His parents say their son has bullet fragments in his jaw and is still heavily sedated.

"Just a couple of millimeters either way and he'd either be dead from the aorta or he'd be a paraplegic from the spinal break," said Leonard's father, Raymond Meuse.

The phone hasn't stopped ringing at his parent's house, and a day after the shooting the couple has faith there's a reason their son survived.

"He's the only one left," said his mother, Elaine Meuse. "He was spared so that eventually he could figure out what he was meant to do in the aftermath of this."

The 46-year-old is a military veteran, but it's in the kitchen where Meuse is at his finest. He loves to cook and was a mainstay at the cafe. His parents say he also loved motorcycles and was a double major at the University of Washington.

Meuse has a long road to recovery ahead of him, but his parents say the healing process began when Stawicki took his own life.

"He spared us that by killing himself," Raymond Meuse said. "So that was kind of, in a sense, a bit of closure."

Meuse's parents say doctors are still debating whether to remove the bullet fragments in his jaw.