Local woman with terminal illness granted wish

WOODINVILLE, Wash. -- A big wish has been granted to a local woman facing a terminal illness.

Wish Upon a Wedding partnered with Fab-U-Wish to make the dream of a vow renewal for a Shoreline couple come true.

"It's a time like this when I really just reflect back," said Jake Haunty.

Jake and Nancy Haunty received a full ceremony and reception with their closest friends and family at Willows Lodge in Woodinville. Wish Upon a Wedding organized donations from local venders. From flowers to photography, everything was donated by local businesses for the event.

The couple married 13 years ago in Italy but after Nancy's cancer diagnosis in 2002, their plan to host a reception to celebrate their nuptials fell through the cracks as the couple tried to navigate cancer treatment.

"I had early stage breast cancer at age 33 and then I was re-diagnosed back in 2009 with stage 4 breast cancer. It spread to my liver, bones and eventually my brain," said Nancy Haunty.

Despite currently undergoing treatment for cancer, Nancy said she felt well on this important day.

"You know I think about today. I'm here doing the ceremony - this would normally be my chemotherapy day - this a great day for us," said Nancy Haunty.

The couple renewed their vows under the evening sun in a garden filled with flowers on lodge's property. Dinner and dancing followed. Close friends and family flew in for the ceremony from all over the county.

"The most important people in our lives are here and I'll never forget that," said Jake Haunty.