Local pot biz to make history with full-page ad in The New York Times

SEATTLE - Seattle-based "Leafly" is about to make history by becoming the first cannabis company to place a full-page advertisement in The New York Times.

The printed ad will run in the main news section of the paper on Sunday, and aims to support the Compassionate Care Act, which was signed July 7. The Compassionate Care Act legalized medical marijuana in New York, making it the 23rd state to legalize medical marijuana.

"We're in full support of New York's Compassionate Care Act," said Leafly CEO Brendan Kennedy in a statement.

The ad also follows a July 26 editorial in the New York Times that supports marijuana legalization, and criticizes the social and economic costs of prohibition.

"Our advertisement in The New York Times is a responsible, mainstream message that elevates the conversation about cannabis in the U.S.," said Kennedy. "With cannabis now legal for patients in 23 states, Americans need professional, educational resources to help them navigate the changing legal, medical and social landscape."

Leafly is backed by Privateer Holdings, and is the world's largest information resource for cannabis. The website's goal is to inform medical marijuana patients on the different strains and products, their effects, and features user-generated reviews of over 800 marijuana strains.