Local parents reignite pleas to find missing children

TUMWATER, Wash. -- In the State of Washington there are dozens of missing children cases that have gone cold. Parents were out in Tumwater Saturday, reigniting their pleas for the public to keep a watchful eye out for their missing sons and daughters.

"At one point I thought it might get easier, but it gets harder," said Solomon Metalwala who has been searching for his young son Sky since 2011.

Sky went missing in Bellevue when his mother left him in the car after running out of gas. The family hasn't seen the boy since.

"I live it every single day," said Metalwala.

It's a similar pain for Kimberly Puccio. Her daughter was abducted in Hollywood, California last May, but the reality of the abduction is very different.

"My daughter is being trafficked," said Puccio. "She's only 16."

Federal investigators are trying to track where Savannah Puccio's captors have taken the teen, and meanwhile, her mother continues to hold out hope that she will be brought home safe. But it's not easy.

"I stay up sometimes until three or four in the morning looking for any kind of clues online, or trying to figure things out because I can't sleep," said Puccio.

Sunday marks National Missing Children's Day, and Puccio and Metalwala were just two of the many parents with missing children who attended the event to raise awareness for those missing.

At the event, missing children Teekah Lewis, Kayla Croft-Payne, Kelsey Collins, Danica Childs, and Lindsey Baum were also represented by their families.

Currently, almost 100 kids are missing in the State of Washington, according to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.