Local mom looking to become 'America's Strongest Woman'

SEATTLE -- A local mother who gave birth less than four months ago will soon compete for the title of America's Strongest Woman.

It's one thing for new moms to pick up heavy car seats, but Kristyn Whisman can actually pick up cars.

"I carried 646 pounds on my back for 18 feet," Whisman said.

At just 5'2" tall, Whisman isn't as big as some of her competitors, but she's certainly no wimp. She's already won the Strongest Woman title three times, and she's coming back to win it again.

Whisman can flip 800 pound tires and once lifted a Honda Civic. The difference between this competition and her previous wins is that she's just bouncing back from giving birth.

"It was really hard for me to be pregnant and limit my workouts," she said.

Her definition of a limited workout would be too much work for most people -- men or women.

"I was probably eight-and-a-half months pregnant in the gym squatting 135 pounds and I could see dialogue bubbles over people's heads, like, 'Oh my gosh, should she be doing that, is that okay?'" she said.

Co-workers call Whisman Mighty Mouse or Little Beast, and her strength comes in handy on the job at the prison in Monroe.

Whisman works with inmates as the Edmonds College dean of corrections for education.

Her body works wonders, but Whisman doesn't treat it like a temple. The 29-year-old said her weakness is Snickers bars.

"I think what I do to it is actually pretty mean," she said. "I don't do strong man to be healthy, I do strong man to be strong."

Whisman said her husband is stronger than her, but he doesn't have the title. She also said she's going to make sure fitness is part of her new son's life. He already has a rattle in the shape of a dumbbell, so he's off to a good start.