Local kids send message of support to Sandy victims

KENT, Wash. - Some local children are doing their best to help out some of the victims of Superstorm Sandy on the East Coast.

Even the youngest among us recognize the need to help - including kids at two local day care centers.

Special messages from one Bright Horizons classroom in Kent to another in New York offer words of encouragement to a group of kids left without a classroom after Sandy.

"Our friends are far away in New York, we need to send them some special messages," Sheila Harris tells the youngsters at her day care.

From flattened homes to flooded streets, the destruction is hard to fathom, but the little ones try.

"We're making this card because cuz ... um ... " says one little girl.

"This thing is a card ... for the kids ... because there's water in their school," says another little girl

The three-year-olds use stickers, stencils and scribbles to send hope to the kids hit hardest by the storm. It's all part a larger effort by Bright Horizons to collect gift cards and hygiene products for those who may be going without.

"We're trying to teach our kids empathy and that there are other things that happen in the world, and we can do things to support those other things," says Harris.

And while these little helping hands may not know how to spell - they hope their messages of support and love will be loud and clear.

Daycare organizers are expecting some help from major retailers. All the donations, plus homemade cards, will be sent to New York within the next couple of weeks.