Local family's photo project turns into national ad campaign

OAK HARBOR, Wash. -- Ask Stasha Becker of Oak Harbor, and she'll tell you her son is an only child. Ask her son Julian and he'll tell you he's actually part of a band of brothers that are bigger and hairier than other kids' siblings.

"I just wish they would stop calling them horses, bears and mountain goats," said Becker. "They're not like friends, they're like brothers."

He's speaking of his two Newfoundland dogs.

Together the boy and his pets, Max and Bruce, are a picture perfect family with a photographer at the helm.

Stasha is a photographer who started taking pictures of Julian and Max for her husband ,who's in the Navy. Soon they had a routine of posing in front of the same white garage door day after day.

"Looking back a few months, I was really capturing how Julian was growing in relation to Max," said Stasha.

In the rain, for birthdays, anywhere and everywhere Stasha's pictures turned into an instant hit. To date, her Instagram account featuring photos of Julian, Max and Bruce have earned her more than 35,000 followers.

Last summer, the photos even caught the attention of Purina. The company made the trip out to Whidbey Island and spent three days shooting a series of videos as part of an ad campaign.

"In the months since those ads started airing, I've heard from people all around the world," said Stasha. "If there's something to be known for, that's a pretty good thing to be known for, having a happy family."