Local drycleaners abruptly closes, frustrating customers

SEATTLE -- When Dave MacMillan stopped by Spic'n Span Cleaners on Wednesday morning the doors were locked and he only found a note on the door notifying customers the business closed on August 8.

"Ok, so what do we do? There's no phone (number)," said MacMillan, who is a regular customer.

Like MacMillan, other customers were also caught off-guard about the closure.

"I probably dropped my clothes off anywhere between two to three weeks ago and I came to pick them up three days ago and saw the sign," said customer Chris Keating, who decided to leave his own note on the door. He was hoping someone would show up and let him know how to get his clothes.

"It's sort of sad because, honestly," Keating said. "I thought they were a local business and they appreciated the support of the Queen Anne community."

Spic'n Span's lease is not being renewed, which is why the business closed. The Republic of Korea purchased the building in December, according to King County Records.

The owner of Spic 'n Span lives in Korea but it's managed by a local couple. The daughter of the managers said in a phone conversation that customers were given advance notice of the closure. She said employees called each customer and posted a sign on the business.

As for Keating, he said his phone didn't ring until the manager found his note on Wednesday and called him.

"They said that you can come - it has to be before 3 p.m. today because that was the last time they could get it and that I had to bring cash because their credit card machine wasn't working anymore," said Keating.

Perhaps Keating was a lucky one - some of the receipts inside the business showed that some customers dropped off clothes just four days before the business closed.

Spic'n Span will re-open on Friday from 8am-6pm and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They're only accepting cash as payment. Any remaining clothes will be moved to Best Cleaners, located at 4420 Pacific Hwy E Ste M in Fife, for pick-up.