Local dentist offers 'awesome' free dental care day to kids

REDMOND, Wash. - The average trip to the dentist can cost up to $300 a person - and as the cost adds up, families often go without.

But one local doctor is fighting back - one check-up at a time - by offering a free dental day for children who don't have insurance or whose parents can't afford to bring them to the dentist.

Dr. Leyla Rouhfar's act of kindness was a godsend for the Hubner family. Their son Jayden and his sister London are due for a check-up.

"So, Jayden, have you ever been to the dentist before? No?" she asks the young boy.

With all the tubes, tools and tooth touching it can be a scary place.

But Dr. Rouhfar provides shades, refreshment and a recliner - to make it more like a day at the beach.

This visit is long in coming for the Hubner family. Their dad is self-employed so they don't have dental insurance.

"I knew it was getting to the point where it was, like, 'Oh they really need to go to the dentist,'" he says.

And if it weren't for Dr. Rouhfar, a trip like this could have cost about $300 each.

But Jayden and London are two of 25 patients who got free check-ups and cleanings at her Redmond office on Saturday.

It's something she's wanted to do since the economy dipped. She says patients have been coming in less often - and children suffered the most.

"Extreme dental decay to the point where the teeth are nonrestorable," she says.

Jayden and London's mother says she's grateful for the support that Dr. Fouhfar provides to the community.

"You hear of doctors and dentists going international and doing that kind of service ... but to have it here at home is really awesome," she says.

Dr. Fouhfar hopes to offer the free service to children again next year.