Local bartender gets mysterious $5,000 tip

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- A mystery diner has been leaving huge tips for waiters and waitresses across the country, and now he's struck again at Moon Dogs bar in Port Orchard.

"Our bartender asked, 'Are you sure you want to do this?'" Moon Dogs owner Darryl Baldwin said when he saw the $5,000 tip. "And the guy goes, 'Absolutely, you know, I've made a ton of money in my life and this is my way of giving back.'"

Baldwin says the mystery man racked up a $576.50 tab after buying rounds of drinks for other customers Friday night, then left the mega tip. However, it's not his first time.

Moon Dogs now belongs to a growing list of bars and restaurants, from South Bend Indiana to San Francisco, that have found themselves the target of the man's generosity.

It started in October when he left a $1,000 tip in a bar in Hollywood, California. Last month he left a bartender in Chicago $10,000. Every time he uses the same American Express credit card, then writes the words "tips for Jesus" on the ticket before posting a photo of it - and sometimes the smiling faces of his servers - on Instagram.

And, so far, every tip has cleared.

Amanda Retrum, a bartender working at Moon Dogs that night, says the man kept to himself and his friends at the end of the bar until last call.

"He was just wearing normal clothes -- normal guy," she said.

Now, she and the other dozen or so workers at the bar will split the tip. They say they don't know who the mystery man is, where he's from or where he went, but they want to tell him know he's made their Christmas that much merrier.