Legion of Zoom: Huskies receivers ready for take off

SEATTLE -- The Seahawks have the Legion of Boom, and now the Huskies have the Legion of Zoom.

"We respect (the Legion of Boom) to the utmost and we want to be like them," said Huskies wide receiver Jaydon Mickens. "We want to be like them on the offensive side of the ball. That's why we call ourselves the Legion of Zoom."

Mickens and wide receivers John Ross and Marvin Hall make up the Legion of Zoom.

"We want to hold ourselves to a standard of playing extremely fast," Mickens said. "We can't have any slow moments in the game or practice, because our speed can change the game in a blink of an eye."

Unlike the Seahawks hulking Legion of Boom, the Legion of Zoom is much smaller. Not one of the LOZ members stands taller than 5'11". But, height only means so much to these guys.

"Of course, they're bigger than us, but we're the LOZ and we have heart," said Mickens. "It doesn't matter if we play against the Seahawks tomorrow, we're going to come and give it our best shot."

The Legion of Zoom goes off the field as well. Mickens and Ross have known each other since middle school, and all three players went to high school together until Ross transferred to another school as a sophomore. It's a family thing.

"It's a bond that no one can break," Mickens said. "Whenever we're together, if Marvin's having a bad day, we'll talk to him and encourage him to pick it up. With Ross, same thing with him, and myself, I have bad days as well. Same thing with me."

The Legion of Zoom isn't exclusive. They're open to new members, but Huskies wide receivers coach Brent Pease won't be submitting an application anytime soon.

"My zooming days are definitely done," said Pease. "I'm sure the other players are going to start their own thing or break that up. They sound like action figures to me."

When you give yourself a nickname like the Legion of Zoom, it comes with expectations. These guys know that.

"We understand that when we come, everyone will want to see the unleash of the Legion of Zoom," Mickens said. "We want to come out and play as fast as possible. We're not thinking about the LOZ, we're thinking about our teammates and how we can contribute, make our teammates better, and make our season better."