Last-minute holiday shoppers looking for bargains

SEATTLE - Ready or not, Christmas is just a few days away.

On Saturday, a lot of people were heading out to visit relatives or having family visit here at home. Yet it's also the biggest shopping day of the year - as people are out looking for last-minute gifts.

At Northgate Mall, many people said they started shopping weeks ago - they didn't wait until the last minute. But many came out because they're looking for deals.

So, while the children were sharing their Christmas wishes with Santa, the adults were busy finding those last-minute gifts to cross off their lists.

"Got to finish the last few things up so I can spend next a couple days preparing for the holiday itself," shopper Marilyn Simon told KOMO News.

Some stores are offering deep discounts this weekend - with savings up to 60 percent.

"There's lot of good deals out there - and of course the closer you get to the holiday the better the deals," Simon said.

Stores are also extending their hours to attract shoppers. At Northgate Mall, Macy's is keeping its doors open 48 hours this weekend.

Despite the push, shoppers said they were surprised to see just a modest crowd here at the mall - leaving them to wonder if more people are procrastinating until Christmas Eve or are watching their wallets.

Sally, a woman from Ballard who came to the mall with her husband, said they were already done Christmas shopping - they just wanted to look. But looking turned into more buying.

"One more thing, one more thing, even out everything," said Sally, "This one and that one. I can do one of those."

And as the gifts piled up throughout the day - some left the wrapping to others.

"I just bought these items, get them wrapped up, take home and so much easier," said holiday shopper Jamahl Powell.

Meanwhile, the kids just hope Santa can make their Christmas wishes come true - no matter how he gets there.

"Santa comes when you're asleep, and the reindeer come on your roof," said one.