Large damaged boat finally towed from Juanita Beach Park

Photo from King Co. Sheriff's Office Marine Rescue

KIRKLAND, Wash. - A large damaged boat that careened into the dock at Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland last week has finally been removed.

The leaky, listing watercraft was under tow last Friday when something went terribly wrong and water started coming in. Later, in some rather strong winds, the boat hit the dock, damaging the railing on the dock.

Ever since then, King County sheriff's officials have been working with the vessel's owner, Peter Phan, to get it removed from the dock.

And on Wednesday it was finally towed away under the watchful eyes of sheriff's deputies.

Phan earlier said he bought the boat in the hopes of turning it into a party boat. His dream was to get his band together and entertain on the vessel.

But the dreams are on hold until he can get the boat fixed and seaworthy.

Meantime, area residents are sure to breathe a sigh of relief at the watercraft's departure. Some had feared that the boat would sink.

"There's a big piece missing on the stern that's clearly why it's starting to list a little bit," local resident Randy Camp said after the boat crashed into the dock. Phan also had to hook up a generator to power a pump to keep pushing water out of the bilge.

Phan said he does have a yard willing to take the boat to get it fixed. King County sheriff's deputies have been working with Phan for months, trying to connect him with professional resources.

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