Landslides muck up Monday commute from Everett to Puyallup

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EVERETT, Wash. - Weekend landslides are mucking up the Monday commute on both ends of Puget Sound.

Rail lines and roads are shut down Monday morning, and will remain closed Monday evening as well for many commuters.

For Sound Transit and Amtrak commuters in the North Sound, normal service won't return until Tuesday morning at the earliest.

A weekend landslide shut down the line between Everett and Seattle, and there's a 48-hour moratorium that goes in place to make sure the hillside is safe - so service on Tuesday will depend on what happens Monday.

The slide first canceled trains for Sounders fans trying to make it down for the season home opener on Sunday.

Sound Transit is trying to put together a special bus service for commuters, adding buses in Everett, Mukilteo And Edmonds.

For Amtrak, the slide is impacting the Cascade and Empire Builder lines, which have stops all the way from Portland out to Minneapolis and Chicago.

Drivers also are going to have to find another way around East Pioneer in Puyallup.

A large slide shut down part of Highway 503 over the weekend and crews say they won't have the road re-opened until at least Tuesday.

In addition, a mudslide has closed Green Valley Road near Flaming Geyser State Park. The roadway is expected to be closed for several hours.

KOMO's forecast team knows this is not a surprise - we've gotten a year's worth of rain in Seattle in just about 5 1/2 months.

A hydrologist tells KOMO we actually see more slides once the rain stops - so if you depend on Sounder service, watch the latest forecasts. If everything holds, the commute shold be back to normal Tuesday.

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