Lake Tapps couple returns home following deadly Calif. bus crash

SEATAC, Wash. -- A Lake Tapps couple landed at Sea-Tac Airport Saturday after a harrowing road trip that nearly took their lives. Bonnie and Joe Duran were driving on I-5 north of Sacramento when a FedEx truck swiped their car, then barreled head-on into a tour bus of teenagers.

"It happened so fast. I just glanced over, and there he was coming through the median and he was already in flames. I thought maybe I was going to miss him, but he hit the back end of us," said Bonnie Duran who was driving a Nissan Altima rental car.

The National Transpiration Safety Board is now looking into the possibility that the semi could have been on fire prior to the accident.

The couple had been in Utah visiting Joe's mother and decided to drive through California on their way home to Washington when they narrowly escaped death on Thursday - when the deadly crash occurred.

The FedEx truck that crossed the median clipped the rental car Bonnie was driving, before hitting the tour bus of high school students. Ten people died in the accident, including five students, three adult chaperones, the bus driver, and semi-truck driver. Another 30 people were injured.

"We just stood there in awe, and shaking because explosions were going off, and there was nothing we could do," said Bonnie Duran.

The couple's adult children met them at Sea-Tac, after their plane landed late Saturday afternoon. They told reporters it was a miracle that they walked away from the fatal accident.

"Praise the Lord. His angel floated right down off the side of that freeway. It was surreal," said Joe Duran.

For both Joe and Bonnie - this tragic explosive crash - reminds the couple of what's most important in life.

"I can't help but to think what I'm going to do differently," said Bonnie Duran who plans to spend more time with her family.

Joe's wish is to learn to fly an airplane.

Investigators are looking for more witnesses as they try to determine how this accident happened.