KOMO's new MyDTV app allows you to watch TV on the go

Watching live TV on a tablet or smart phone can be a big drain on your wireless data plan if you are not using Wi-Fi.

Fisher Communications is looking to change all that make TV free for iPad and iPhone users.

If you live in the Seattle metro area between Northgate to the north, Federal Way to the south and Bellevue to the east and you own a iPad or iPhone, KOMO-TV would like you to participate in a test of its new Mobile DTV signaled called "MyDTV."

"This is a signal coming into your device that allows you watch free over the air television on the go, simple as that," says Fisher Communications President and CEO Colleen Brown.

Participants will be given a free micro antenna adapter that lets users receive KOMO-TV and other local TV stations on their iPad and iPhone without using any of their wireless data plan.

"This doesn't not eat into a user's data plan because this is a broadcast signal," says Brown.

Fisher Communications, the operators of KOMO-TV and the Mobile 500 Alliance have teamed up to offer this test. Brown is also the chair of The Mobile 500 Alliance board of directors. The Alliance is a group of technology partners including several broadcasting companies that created MyDTV.

With the antenna and the MyDTV app which is available for free on the iTunes app story, users will not only be able to watch live TV in the Seattle metro area, but have the ability to record their favorites shows from channels available on the app. Users can then watch those shows at later time. Playback is not dependent on where the device is located.

The app also features a channel guide, closed captioning and social media integration with Twitter.

KOMO-TV has been leading the implementation of the new Mobile DTV standard on a national level as an alternative way to get new, emergency alerts and entertainment free of cellular networks and expensive data plans.

"You can't beat broadcast TV when it's free and convenient," says Brown.

The MyDTV micro antenna adapters will be available to the general public at a later date. Eventually, manufacturers of smart phones could incorporate the chip necessary to receive a Mobile DTV signal into the device without the need of an external antenna.

If you are interested in participating in the MyDTV test, please register at

In all, 750 people that meet the test requirements will be contacted by KOMO-TV with detail on how to receive their free MyDTV adapter.