Komen breast cancer walkers share goal of finding cure

SEATTLE -- Whether they walked a mile or three -- the 9,000 participants in this year's Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Seattle shared one goal: find a cure for breast cancer.

And with good reason--the disease strikes Washington women often.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 100 women in Washington state are diagnosed with breast cancer each week -- the highest rate of diagnosis in the country.

Deanne Erickson is now cancer free after being diagnosed eight years ago. She says she can help others by sharing her experience and doing the Komen event.

"We do it for us and for those who didn't survive and those who have yet to be diagnosed," Erickson said.

Manisha Chainani's team is 125 people strong with each participant a woman of Indian descent who came to get one step closer to a cure.

"We have three survivors in our team," Chainani said. "We support the cause and this year our friends were hit with the disease and we said we have to be here to support them," she said.

Walker Joanne Swanson said she was walking for those yet to be diagnosed.

"Seeing it stop somebody stopped dead in their tracks, I just want it cured," she said.