Kirkland police investigate possible kidnapping

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Kirkland police are investigating a possible kidnapping that ended at a Safeway store Wednesday afternoon.

Police say a man and a woman came to the store from Renton, and then the woman was able to get away from the man and tell people she was brought there against her will, said Lt. Mike Murray with Kirkland police.

Officers were called but the man had left the area.

A witness told KOMO News she was just about to walk into the Safeway when she saw a woman walk out who looked like she had been hit in the face. Police then had the witness and others nearby head to a nearby drug store and told to wait there until the scene was secure.

Police were checking up on two kids in Renton who were in daycare, Murray said, but it's unclear what, if any relation the man and woman had together.

Updates to follow as more details become available.