King Co. police dog injured while tracking accused robbers

SEATAC, Wash. -- A couple of nasty gashes on his leg and nose weren't enough to keep a police dog named Frodo from tracking down a pair of suspected armed robbers over the weekend.

According to the King County Sheriff's Office, two armed robbers held up a man in SeaTac Saturday morning at around 2 a.m. Deputies say two people approached the victim in the 16500 block of International Boulevard South. They demanded money and then pistol whipped the victim before taking off on foot, according to deputies.

The victim called police, and when the first deputy arrived on scene she saw the suspects running into a fenced area. The deputy deployed Frodo, and the 2-year-old German shepherd was soon hot on their trail.

What nobody knew was that there was razor wire hidden in the vegetation, and Frodo was cut on his left front leg and nose. Despite his wounds, deputies say Frodo stayed on the chase and within 10 minutes found the alleged robbers hiding in some bushes.

Both suspects -- a man and a woman -- are juveniles. The man was booked into the Youth Center for investigation of robbery and for a couple of outstanding warrants.

The woman was a taken to a local hospital to be treated for cuts believed to be caused by the same razor wire.

Frodo was taken to a nearby veterinarian clinic, where he was cleaned up and received five stitches to his leg. He was back to work the next day.