Kids fighting cancer get special delivery at Seattle Children's Hospital

Seahawks Defensive End Tylor Harris and Lenore Thawley from the Healing Hunter Foundation deliver iPad minis to kids fighting cancer at Seattle Children's Hosptial, Sept. 20, 2016. (KOMO)

SEATTLE - Some patients at Seattle Children's Hospital got a special delivery on Tuesday from a couple of special visitors.

Seahawks Defensive End Tylor Harris and Lenore Thawley, founder of the Healing Hunter Foundation, handed out brand new iPad minis to young patients fighting leukemia.

"There are certain times in treatment where those smiles are few and far between," said Thawley

Thawley says generating smiles from kids with cancer is what this gift is all about.

"You're frightened to death, and you don't know whats going to happen," said Thawley. "So it's like anything we can do that takes them away from that, makes a difference."

Thawley's son, Hunter put up a good fight, but ultimately lost his life to cancer. Thawley said after she lost Hunter, she wanted to help better the lives of other young cancer patients and their families. So she started the The Healing Hunter Foundation.

"I needed to do something with what was happening inside me with the emotions and that vacancy that you have when you lose a child," said Thawley.

Thawley said Hunter loved to play with her iPhone and it made his treatment more tolerable.

So now, to honor Hunter's Birthday, which is September 21st, Lenore and the Foundation will hand out iPad minis to kids fighting cancer.

"I realized, 'ok this works for me on his birthday, we celebrate it like this every year,' I can work with that," said Thawley.

It started with just a few. But this week, to honor what would have been Hunter's 10th birthday, 100 iPad minis will be handed out at five different children's hospitals along the West Coast.

"To see her smiling back again actually, I was missing that," said Parminder Kaur, who's daughter received one of the gifts. "I really appreciate that and we thank you for coming out here."

"I can just feel it, you know, like, ' oh we did it, ok we did it again,'" said Thawley.

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