Just feet from sliding off cliff, home gets last minute reprieve

ARLINGTON, Wash. -- When the KOMO Problem Solvers called Snohomish County in April to come check out the Eanes' home, the future looked dire.

The house was just feet away from falling off a cliff, and the edge was moving closer and closer. Their back yard started to fall into the Stillaguamish River several years ago. But, within the last year, they lost nearly two acres.

Now the home isn't about to tumble -- it's being lifted by strong men and stronger hearts.

"I cannot emphasize enough the kindness of folks out there that are willing to help," said Juanita Eanes.

Nickel Bros. is moving the couple's home back about 30 feet to get it away from the potential slide zone. They're doing the job for free.

The home was close to being condemned as the slide inched closer, and the Eanes family feared the worst.

"It's just amazing all these guys are giving this simple country guy a break. I couldn't afford this. I couldn't have done it. It wouldn't have been an option," said Keith Eanes, who works as an upholsterer.

The generosity that has come pouring in from the community means everything to the family.

"They are saving us so so much money. We would never have been able to do this had it not been for them," Juanita said.

The couple was told if the home had fallen off the cliff they'd still be responsible for the mortgage.

"Once we saw the nature of this situation we felt like we really needed to step in and help," said Jeff McCord with Nickel Bros. "Especially in light of the recent landslides that have occurred in Oso. It feels so important for people to step in when they can."

The giving doesn't stop there. Once the home is in place, Interstate Modular has volunteered its time and its employees to set it up. And the Red Cross has put the family in a hotel until everything is the home is ready to move back in to.