Jurors hear David Pietz' statement to police

SEATTLE -- For the first time, Seattle jurors have heard from David Pietz, the husband on trial for killing his wife.

Pietz had told police his last words to his wife Nicci spoken the night before she disappeared were ,"Glad you're home, good night,". A week later, Nicci Pietz's body was found.

In court Wednesday, Det. Kathy Decker described David Pietz' reaction to learning of his wife's death.

"He appeared to be upset at one point in fetal position and said he might be sick and excused himself to go to the bathroom," Decker said.

Ten minutes after learning his wife was indeed dead, David Pietz gave a 94 minute statement to police and broke down one time during that taping.

Jurors heard a calm husband claim he racked his brain for a week wondering what happened to his wife, repeatedly pointing out her empty bottle of Percocet for back pain on the bathroom counter. Nicci was eight years sober.

The police statement contradicted testimony from prosecution witnesses Tuesday. David Pietz told police he was depressed and not into sex, but four women came forward saying they'd either made out or had sex with him when he was married. One testified he used the drug Ecstacy at a club.

David Pietz also said he was away from his desk and missed a call at work from his wife the day she disappeared, and the prosecution will try to prove that it was David Pietz who made that call from Nicci's cellphone.