Joe's Vault: Looking back 30 years at 1981's top stories

SEATTLE -- Well, it's the end of another year and normally we take a look back at the highlights of the past 365 days.

But since this is the Video Vault, I decided to dig back farther and pull out the year-ender from 30 years ago - 1981. The program was called "1981 - Looking Back". It was hosted by news anchors Ruth Walsh and the late Jim Harriott. Local and national events were touched upon. We looked at the latest crazes and popular shows.

If you're of a certain age, you'll look at this and say, "Wow, I remember". If you're younger, you might say, "THAT'S a video game?!?"

So as we say goodbye to another year and prepare to fulfill our resolutions upon the clean slate of another, either enjoy another trip down memory lane, or learn how it was in 1981.

Happy New Year!