Joe's Vault: 9 Washington men who went above and beyond

SEATTLE -- Recently we learned of the passing of John Hawk, who received the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Harry Truman in Olympia in 1945.

In August of 1944, a wounded Sgt. Hawk exposed himself to enemy fire in order to direct the fire of U.S. tank destroyers that resulted in two German tanks being knocked out and the taking of 500 prisoners. He continued to fight in the war, eventually earning four Purple Hearts.

There is much more to his story, of course, but it reminded me that 20 years ago, in February of 1983, Steve Pool did a series on Medal of Honor recipients from Washington State, including John Hawk, by then an elementary school principal.

Mr. Hawk said it best: "The medal is symbolic. It has no value by itselfit's just held in trust. It's for the people who aren't there."

As we observe this Veterans Day, let's take a moment to remember Mr. Hawk and his bravery so long ago, as well as eight other Washingtonians that we profiled back in 1983. Let's also remember in our thoughts and prayers those brave men and women in the line of fire this day, thousands of miles from home. They are serving their country. They are serving us. And we owe them our gratitude and thanks.

Take a look back now at nine Washington men who went "Above and Beyond".