Jerramy Stevens released after probation violation arrest

TAMPA, Fla. -- Former Seahawks tight end Jerramy Stevens was released from jail on Thursday, a day after his arrest for allegedly violating his probation.

Stevens, 33, was picked up by sheriff's deputies on Wednesday morning and booked into jail in Hillsborough County, Florida, according to sheriff's office records.

He had been jailed in Kirkland, Wash., just two weeks ago following an alleged domestic violence incident involving his then fiancee, soccer star Hope Solo.

A judge found no probable cause to hold Stevens for that incident, and he was released the next day. Stevens and Solo got married later that same day, and no charges have been filed in the Kirkland case.

The lack of charges led the Hillsborough County judge to release Stevens on his own recognizance Thursday, the The Tampa Tribune reported.

Stevens had been on probation following a 2010 conviction in Florida for possession of marijuana. The Tribune reports that despite his release from jail on Thursday, Stevens still faces a hearing for the alleged violation of the terms of his probation.

"They could still technically call this witness that you allegedly assaulted and make them testify," Judge Walter Heinrich said, according to the Tribune. "I'm not saying they're going to do that. I'm not saying they're even going to move forward with the probation issue. So do not get any false impressions."

Solo is back with the U.S. women's soccer team and in an interview on Tuesday said she is happily married and would "never stand for domestic violence."