JBLM soldier's car stolen from hospital after baby born

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Army Spc. Jorge Garcia and his wife, Ramona, were preparing to leave St. Peter Hospital in Olympia on Wednesday after giving birth to a daughter but the new parents ended up staying another night because their vehicle was stolen from the hospital parking lot.

"When we were getting ready to get discharged I said 'OK, I better get the car seat ready to go because they're going to inspect it,' " said Spc. Jorge Garcia. "I went out around noon because we were so tired from the baby crying the first night and (the car) was gone. I was just shocked that it was actually gone."

The white, 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe was the couple's only vehicle and now that they have their daughter Faith, they're even more dependent on transportation.

"When you become a mother, it's a transition from thinking of yourself, thinking about your child only and then you're like, 'Oh, man' I can't take her to the hospital,' " said Ramona Ivan Garcia.

The couple also worries about the impact this incident may have on their daughter.

"I'm stressed out about so many things - I'm not going to produce the (milk) supply for her - the food for her - because I'm stressed and worn out," said Ivan Garcia. "I don't want to affect her in any way."

The stolen vehicle had personal items inside - a car seat, baby clothes, camera, paper work, and military equipment but the new parents just want their car returned.

Spc. Garcia has faced a lot of challenges while serving in the Army but, for him, nothing compares to not being able to provide for his family.

"I've been through Afghanistan - through some rough fights but I think not being able to take my family somewhere is harder than what I can stomach right now," said Garcia.