JBLM soldier run over by Tacoma cop

TACOMA, Wash. --- Susana Andrade had to see for herself the spot where a Tacoma Police officer drove over her husband. She left the hospital and showed up at North Fife Street where her husband's blood still stained the road.

"That's why I came here, I wanted to see with my eyes what happened. What angle did it happen? Nobody's telling me anything," she said.

All she knows is what she's seen on a graphic infrared home surveillance video showing her 22-year-old husband Emanuel Andrade getting out of his car and lying on the street early Saturday morning before a patrol car runs over him.

"It looks like he was so careless and on his computer and didn't bother to look," said Andrade.

Tacoma police say the officer, with seven years experience, was looking for car prowlers at the time and didn't see the man wearing dark clothing on dark pavement. Infrared can make images look lighter.

"He just was driving slowly, looking between cars, looked like running plates on his computer. You know advancing, stopping, looking, using the computer," said Tacoma Police spokesperson Loretta Cool.

"Everybody's upset because of distracted driving and asking why isn't he under arrest. If this were a citizen texting, or doing something distracting, we still would do a complete investigation," Cool added

Andreda says her husband, a specialist with the 2nd Stryker Brigade based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, is in critical condition.

"He did squeeze my hand the first time but I stopped talking because his heart rate would just go up hearing me. You could just see blood coming out of his eyes like water, he was crying. So he knows I'm there, he knows," Andreda said.

The officer involved was sent home to recover from the trauma before he's questioned for the investigation. Because police consider this an accident, he has not been placed on leave.

"I want them to do something about it because it's like saying, 'Oh, it's okay be on your computer and keep running people over.' That's not okay," Andreda said.

She said she doesn't know why her husband was in the road. She said he was spending guy time with a friend before the accident and not partying. Police say medical teams drew blood and the results will be entered into the investigation.

The father of two was excited after serving 9 months in Afghanistan to be discharged July 4th. He just bought tickets to Disneyland for his family. His wife doesn't understand how he could survive the dangers of Afghanistan but get critically hurt in the streets of Tacoma.