It's official: Controversial mayor of Pacific removed from office

PACIFIC, Wash. - Cy Sun, the embattled mayor of the city of Pacific, has been officially removed from office.

The results of a June 25 recall election were certified Tuesday morning, with a majority voting to end Sun's controversial term as mayor. He was officially out of office as of 10:05 a.m. Mayor pro tem James McMahan now takes over.

Early results from the election showed more than 67 percent voting in favor of recalling Sun, with about 33 percent voting to retain the mayor. The final percentages were not immediately available.

"Well, it's certified, it's done," said Tracey Apata, the recall coordinator. "Our last year of hard work has paid off and it's done and as of this moment he is no longer the mayor of the city of Pacific."

Sun ran on an anti-corruption campaign in 2011 and won as a write-in candidate. But after taking office, he fired the police chief and other city employees, prompting lawsuits against the town.

During his 18 months at City Hall, Sun also was arrested for trying to gain access to the sealed-off City Clerk's Office. He's also fired department heads and police officers.

In his last interview with KOMO News, he remained defiant to the end, claiming he was elected to clean up city hall.

"All I know is that I was voted in and I promised the people that I'll clean up the corruption and that's what I'm doing right now," Sun said.

McMahan will only be acting mayor until Thursday night when the council will select one of its own members to fill out former Mayor Sun's term ending in 2015.

Sun didn't return repeated calls for reaction on Tuesday's certification.