'It feels like a tundra:' Ice, blustery winds leave big chill across Whatcom Co.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. - More snow and strong winds forced the Mount Baker Highway to remain closed on Tuesday.

Whatcom County was hit with another winter blast Monday night that left wind chills on Tuesday feeling like 10 degrees.

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"Wind was just howling, snowing was going crazy it was just blue sky like this but it was whiteout conditions," said Whatcom County resident Randy Small.

"It feels like a tundra, frozen tundra," said Curtis Brown, whose truck got stuck in the snow. "I haven't seen this king of ice."

Ice that's covered everything - including plants and power lines.

Just below the snow, a sheath of ice on the roadway is making it challenging and dangerous for drivers.

"It sucked me in," said Brown. "I got off the pavement and it sucked me in."

After two attempts with big trucks, only a tow truck could pull Brown's truck out of the snow covered ditch.

Utility crews were out in full force, repairing power lines as Whatcom County Public Works tired to clear the roads.

"Lots of drifts and compact snow and ice," said Tom Crain with Whatcom Co. Public Works.

Most schools in Whatcom County will be closed for a third straight day on Wednesday.

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